Extreme Party Racing undertakes a broad range of activities within the Motorsport and Events industries for a variety of customers. We build every element of these systems involving manufacturing processes in vehicle, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.  

We sometimes have unique opportunities to join our awesome team. Extreme Party racing is in the business of putting smiles on faces and always strives to over deliver performance in every respect.  Through the quality of our system and delivery we offer clients the most vibrant and exciting element of any event.  Events can take place at high profile shows, general exhibitions, Corporate Events and Product Launches throughout the USA. 


Firstly, please read the details of the role carefully and ensure that you do have all of the skills and attributes required.We are typically overwhelmed by the number of applications we receive for roles within our unique business.  Before sending, please consider whether your submission contains all of the information we require to give your application due consideration.  Have you carefully considered the role being offered and fully explained where your skills and experience match the requirements? (more application tips below)

Applications must be made in writing - (telephone applications will NOT be considered) and should be sent via email to rodney@fpcracing.com

Please ensure that you include a telephone number and suitable time am/pm for an initial telephone interview.



Sales Person –  effective cold calling, client follow up and detailed note taking and communications

Event Staffer/Driver- Successful applicants will be capable of:

  • Transporting systems, staff to and from an event location (typically in a cargo or box van and trailer)
  • The safe use and knowledge of commonly used hand and power-tools
  • Installation and testing of systems / dismantling and packing securely (as part of a team)
  • Working not only as part of a team but to be capable of doing so effectively on singular projects.
  • Functioning in various environments including regular work outdoors
  • Safely lifting heavy equipment.
  • Assisting in the assembly of large event equipment.
  • Reliable & Punctual;


We recognize that to be the best, we need the best people. We are a very unique business and as you would expect we scrutinize applications for every position we advertise. Please do not to send us an out of date resume and/or generic email letter.  There will be other applicants who don’t and you will immediately put yourself behind them.

Please don't expect us to contact you in order to get the information we require (because we won’t). We select the best possible individuals for every position, and you will be unsurprised to learn that there are invariably those who demonstrate that they have made a determined effort to submit a specific application, covering all elements of our requirements and carefully taking into account the unique nature of our business.  

APPLICATION FORM (Please send a letter answering all the questions below)

 Full Name:


 Telephone Number:

 E-mail address:

 How to complete this form

Use this information below to ensure you have provided all the information that we need in order to properly assess your application. Specific training can be provided in all aspects of this role, so, if you do not have any skills or experience in a particular area please simply enter 'None' and focus on other areas.

 1. Please outline you employment history (if not covered in other documents)

(please provide dates, company name, position, responsibilities, reason for leaving, salary and continue on separate sheet if required)

 2. Please give details of your education and other qualifications

 3. Please give details of any current salary and or your current salary expectations:

 4. What type of work you are seeking ( currently only part time available)

 5. Are there any days of the week that you would prefer not to or cannot work?

 6. Please give details of your current Driving License status?

 7. Please give details of Licenses and/or experience of Driving Large Vehicles , or towing a trailer

 8. Please describe your Reliability and Punctuality (In our industry there is no room for anything other than exceptional Reliability and Punctuality)

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